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Currently main and sub-scopes for the i-NAF MLA:

Natural Product&Management System Certification

There are three sub-scope for Product Certification:

1. ISO/IEC 17011 specifies the criteria for an accreditation body

2. OIC/SMIIC 3 Conformity Assessment - Requirements for Halal Accreditation Bodies Accrediting Halal Conformity Assessment Bodies

There are three main scope for Product and Management System Certification:

1. Product Certification - ISO/IEC 17065

2. Management Systems Certification - ISO/IEC 17021-1

3. Halal Certification – OIC/SMIIC 2

There are five sub-scope for Product and Management System Certification:

Natural Product Certification:

1) NSO-NAP 1:2017 Natural Product Standart For Food

2) NSO-NAP 2 Natural Natural Product Standart For Food& Packing (OIC/SMIIC 1:2017 Natural Product Standart For Food)

3) NSO-NAP 3:2017 NSO GLOBALLABELS Ecogloballabel, Ecotradelabel, Econaturallabel Labeling (ISO 14021, ISO 14024, ISO 14025-Environmental labels standards)

4) NSO-NAP 7:2018 Vegan - Vegetarian Standard

5) NSO-NAP 11 Halal Vegan - Vegetarian Standard

Natural Management System Certification:

6) NSO-NAP 10:2020 Hygiene, Health and Safety Management System.