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Natural Accreditation is the independent evaluation of natural conformity assessment bodies against natural standards, natural halal standards, ecogloballabel standard, vegan standard and hygenie, health and safety MS standard to ensure their impartiality and competence. Through the application of international standards, government, manufactures and consumers can have confidence in the assessment results, assessment reports and natural certifications provided.

Natural Accreditation bodies are established in many countries with the primary purpose of ensuring that natural conformity assessment bodies are subject to oversight by an authoritative body. Natural Accreditation Bodies, which have been evaluated by peers as competent, sign arrangements that enhance the acceptance of products, management systems and services across national borders, thereby creating a framework to support international trade through the removal of technical barriers.

Natural Accreditation is increasingly being used by regulators and the market as an impartial, independent and transparent means of assessing the competence of natural conformity assessment bodies. i-NAF provides the technical basis for the world-wide recognition of the competence of the bodies accredited by its members, realising the concept "assessment or certified-accepted everywhere".

These arrangements are managed by the International Natural Accreditation Forum-NBE Foundation (i-NAF), in the fields of natural products, services, halal natural products (only food and food-related products), Ecogloballabels, Vegan-Vegetarian and Hygiene Health&Safety Management System and other similar programmes of natural conformity assessment.

To achieve its objectives, i-NAF:

Has established a multilateral mutual recognition group and monitors its activities, ensuring that i-NAF members maintain accreditation programs of world natural standards, halal natural standards, eco label standards, vegan-vegatarian standard and hygenie, health and safety

Promotes acceptance of certificates of conformity through multilateral mutual recognition among accreditation bodies in the region, and, by membership in the mutual recognition groups, extends that acceptance world-wide,

Encourages and supports the development of natural accreditation bodies in the region’s economies,

Provides coverage for natural accreditation services in those economies where an accreditation body does not exist,

Provides of accreditation body activitys for institutions and organizations natural, halal(for food sector), ecogloballabel, vegan-vegetarian and hygiene health&safety management system etc.

Carries out sustainable environmental studies,

To assist and support halal food industry sector(only food and food-related products)

Provides a forum for achieving consensus among members on relevant natural accreditation and natural certification or registration issues,

Encourages support for, and participation in, natural conformity assessment activities of relevant international natural bodies,

Encourages and facilitates the adoption and implementation of natural standards, guidelines and interpretative documents that have been developed by relevant international bodies,

Develops recommendations for liaison with relevant international bodies,

Facilitates collaboration, cooperation and mutual assistance among members, by means including seminars, meetings of experts and the sharing of information and experiences.