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- What is Natural Accreditation ?

Natural accreditation is the independent evaluation of natural certification bodies against recognised standards to ensure their impartiality and competence to carry out specific activities, such as tests, inspections and natural certifications.

- What is Natural Conformity Assessment ?

Natural conformity assessment is the demonstration that what is being supplied actually meets the requirements specified or claimed. Natural conformity assessment can be applied to a natural product, a process, a system, an organisation and includes activities such as testing, inspection and natural certification.

- What is an Natural Accreditation Body ?

An natural accreditation body is an authoritative body that performs accreditation.

- What is an Natural Accredited Body ?

An organisation that provides certification, testing, inspection etc. natural conformity assessment services can seek accreditation. An natural accredited body has demonstrated that it fully meet the requirements of relevant international natural standards.

- What is Natural Certification ?

Natural certification is a third-party attestation related to natural products, processes, systems, as defined by ISO/IEC 17000 Conformity Assessment Standard.

- What is the role of i-NAF ?

i-NAF is a global network of natural accreditation bodies and other organisations involved in natural conformity assessment activities.

i-NAF roles include:

a) to maintain and expand the Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA), between natural accreditation body members, with the aim of reducing risk to business and its customers and ensuring that an natural accredited certificate may be relied upon anywhere in the world;

b) to develop and harmonize natural accreditation practices across the world; and

c) to promote natural accreditation as an effective mechanism for providing confidence in goods and services, which is essential to global trade facilitation.